Opt Global is a collective of influencers dedicated to protecting U.S. Foreign Aid.




Our Mission

To empower Millennial influencers of faith to personally advocate for the preservation and growth of the humanitarian US foreign-aid budget, and to encourage them to lead others to do the same.

The US foreign-aid budget may very well be our government's most impactful allocation that gets the least attention. Despite the fact that it makes up less than 1% of our Federal budget, US foreign-aid is some of the best return on investment anywhere in government. In 2017, there has been unprecedented action by our government that puts US Foreign Aid at risk of being cut significantly, resulting in the potential of humanitarian aid disappearing for some of the world’s neediest people.

While the global poor can’t advocate for themselves before congress, we can.  We have access and opportunity to speak truth to power, and affect decisions made by our government that impact those without a voice.  As people of faith, we believe that it is both a moral prerogative and a national priority to maintain a commitment to address systemic poverty and promote economic flourishing abroad.  Every life has equal dignity, and we believe that our budget needs to maintain this perspective.


It represents less than 1 percent of the federal budget, not even a penny out of every dollar, yet it is the best return on investment anywhere in government.



About Us

In a collaborative effort between The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and MORE Partnerships, Opt Global was formed to encourage Millennials to engage in the civic process to ensure that our nation's resources continue to contribute to the alleviation of global poverty.

We are a collective of artists, activists, entertainers, scholars, entrepreneurs, and storytellers whose faith inspires our belief that global needs cannot be ignored. We believe that it is up to us to take action to ensure that our American government does not withdraw from the global humanitarian scene. We believe that Millennials have a powerful voice and that we can chose to work together to engage our government through advocacy, so that the US can continue to use Foreign Aid to help the world’s most vulnerable.

We believe that America is being challenged by new perspectives on our role in the global scene. We see that an emerging political force has argued that international policy should be refocused solely on our national interest, rather than factoring global human rights, humanitarian concerns and international stability.  We believe that while a priority must be paid to our own economic and social challenges, it should not come at the cost of defunding our efforts to alleviate global poverty. The United States benefits domestically from our involvement in international aid and our continued contribution to humanitarian efforts is one of our most rewarding sources of international interaction. As Americans and global citizens, Opt Global is our collective effort to participate in advocating for our neighbors’ needs around the world.


billions of dollars going to aid those most in need. all we need is your voice.